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How I get Natural Cleaners for $1.20 per bottle

Yes, I really get it that cheap!

As a mom of ten kids, I love to bargain shop.

I always had a Sam's Membership and I bought everything in bulk and at a discounted rate.
Additionally, I have an autistic son who, for some reason, loves to dump liquid down the drain.
That means I have found BRAND NEW shampoo bottles, cleaners, soaps, detergent, window cleaner, (and so on) all emptied out on our bathroom or kitchen sinks.
You know those "childproof" lids? Didn't work with James. He would find ways of opening those bottles no matter what and dump it.
Put it up high and in a safe spot? He finds it anyway!
Can you relate?
So, of course it made sense to me that I needed more affordable options. At the same time, because James could get into things, I needed safer cleaning options too.
Because a lot of cleaners I had on hand had warnings not to use without gloves, if James got a hold of a bottle, he could damage his skin (and anyone who used it without the right protection).
Or I had cleaners like bleach and ammonia that could cause damage to lungs when inhaled.
And, when a whole entire bottle was dumped, it was especially toxic.
Besides, heavy cleaners can also have side effects.
I frequently had headaches when I used the heavy cleaners. I have a son who has asthma. Cleaners that cause respiratory damage only exacerbated his issues.
But I always felt like I needed heavy cleaners--especially as a mom with 8 boys. And, I felt like so-called natural cleaners were just not gonna work as well.
My mind was changed when I started using doTERRA's On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.
It actually works, I saw a shine on my kitchen counter tops that I had never seen before...
...AND it only costs me about $1.20 per bottle.

Would you like to get a great and effective cleaner as cheap as I do?

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