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How to Spring Clean your health

(and save your sinuses!)

The temperature is warming up, my pear tree right outside my dining room window is in full bloom and the sun is finally shining!

But I also know what's coming: seasonal allergies and all of its friends, congestion, sneezing, pressure and sinus headaches, and itchy eyes.

When I'm trying to be productive and do my spring cleaning, struggling with sinuses just doesn't help.

We know that pollen is the culprit, but many don't know WHY our body reacts the way it does to pollen.

Oftentimes, the immune system overreacts when it comes into contact with a pollen. If the body thinks said pollen is harmful (even if it isn't) it creates antibodies to fight it. The immune system's reaction will typically inflame skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system. This reaction is known as an inflammatory response. Now, while our immune system means well, it's not helping!

So what can someone do to decrease these annoying reactions to the pollen in the air or to the dust we encounter when spring cleaning?

When the body overreacts to harmless substances, it's letting us know that it's got a lot of toxicity built up. Poor diet, sugary drinks, and toxic cleaning products or personal care products can also bog down the body so it makes it harder to handle the simple stuff.

You can help detox your body so that it won't overreact, and boost your energy and production levels to boot with supplements, essential oils, and more natural personal care and cleaning products.

Lifelong Vitality Pack

The Lifelong Vitality supplements have been super helpful with my inflammation levels, and I can definitely feel a difference when spring comes around. I feel less tired, less itchy eyes, less congestion, and less sinus pressure or headaches.

These supplements also help with boosting the immune system, strengthen my hair, nails and skin, and support cardiovascular health.

There's a reason why it's actually doTERRA's #1 product.


In my opinion, Zendocrine is an underrated doTERRA product. Zendocrine Softgels support your body's natural detoxification system and helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow the body's systems down. It can be your best friend when struggling with seasonal changes!

Take 1 softgel 1-3 times daily as needed

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

I used to clean a lot with bleach and ammonia, which drove my husband crazy. But, I thought, I had ten kids and things needed a good scrubbing! Only bleach and ammonia could get stuff really, really clean, right?

At the same time, bleach and ammonia can come with all sorts of unwanted side effects, including severe respiratory damage. My kids would often get headaches after I cleaned with them.

Even ordinary cleaners that come off the store shelf are bogged down with toxins and artificial fragrances that can disrupt hormones, irritate the eyes, skin and lungs, and so much more.

But, I felt like I was in a conundrum. I didn't think natural cleaners worked as well as the heavy chemicals I got from the store, but I knew the heavy chemicals were actually damaging to my health and the health of my family.

That is, until I started using essential oils and doTERRA. I now use the On Guard cleaner concentrate on everything. It cleans well, gets up the grime like other heavy duty cleaners I used, and it smells great!

Plus, using this more natural alternative doesn't bog down my system with chemicals, helping me survive the dust mites and pollen much easier!

doTERRA's Skin Care Lines

I'll be honest: I never really cared about what products I used on my skin. As long as they got my face clean, I was happy.

But just as cleaners can contain toxic chemicals that bog down your system, leaving you more sensitive to pollen, pet dander and dust mites, so can personal care products if they contain toxic chemicals.

Our skin is like a big sponge: what we put onto our skin absorbs into our system. That's why there's a warning on heavy cleaners to use gloves. Yet, many will put toxic chemicals right onto their face without realizing it.

So I had a choice: buy the store-bought facial cleanser that was actually making me sicker and more prone to sensitivities, or buy a facial system that actually makes my skin look younger, feel fresher, and doesn't make my sensitivities worse.

I think you can guess which choice I made!

doTERRA offers a few different options forskincare: their Essential Skin Care Collection, HD Skin care and their Verage system.

Want to help save your sinuses this spring?

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