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I always love new!

Our skin can absorb a lot of chemicals, both toxic and non-toxic alike.

So what we put on our skin matters, from the quality grade essential oils to the personal care products we wash our body with.

That's why I'm always happy when doTERRA comes out with new products that help me replace common household items or add to my bathroom cabinet.
Just a couple of new items were released this Monday, but which ones are you more excited for?

Many who switch over to natural deodorant do so because they want to avoid aluminum, which is frequently in used in mainstream deodorants.


But ever tried natural deodorants, and had a reaction to the baking soda that's in there? While it may work, some have sensitivities to baking soda, leaving a rash. Not good!


So, doTERRA has developed a fresh smelling deodorant which is both aluminum and baking soda FREE.


This gentle, natural deodorant features doTERRA CPTG® essential oils Douglas Fir and Greek Orange, combined with magnesium to actively protect against odor while tapioca absorbs moisture for long-lasting freshness. The sweet, refreshing aroma of Douglas Fir and Greek Orange promotes a positive, energetic mood to help you focus on your day.


Need something to calm and soothe your stomach? Not a big fan of DigestZen?

I've been using a combination of ginger, lemon and honey on a spoon to help me soothe a sore throat. Now that this combo is in a drop, this will be super convenient!

The sweet and spicy flavor of Ginger is blended with a splash of Lemon essential oil to boost the benefits and flavorful profile of the lozenge. When experiencing occasional moments of nausea associated with motion, the properties of the Ginger Drop help ease uncomfortable feelings and settle the stomach. The internal benefits of Ginger also promote healthy digestion and help ease occasional stomach discomfort and indigestion.

Comment below on which one you would like to give a try!

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