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    to be able to give

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    Hi! Welcome to my site. I’d like to share a little bit about me and my family and why we are passionate about doTERRA Essential Oils!


    My husband, Jaime, and I have 10 children and our 9th child, James, was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 in 2004. Jaime began researching and reading everything he could find about Autism, therapies and treatments to help James with his many emotional and physical challenges. A friend discovered doTERRA and believed the oils would be helpful for James and she introduced us to essential oils in December 2013. Jaime was immediately excited; but quite frankly, I was skeptical. Seriously, how could one drop of oil do anything?


    But it didn’t take long for my doubts to disappear. We experienced one “aha” moment after another, not only for James, but for us as well! We became so excited that we decided to start a business with doTERRA.


    Six months later, in the early morning hours and without warning, Jaime died. After 29 years, my whole world suddenly changed. July 14, 2014, I became a widow.


    Jaime always made it possible for me to stay home and educate our ten children. Even during lean times, we made it work. But now it was totally my responsibility. I was still homeschooling 5 of my children and James would always need me. We needed time to grieve and I needed to be there for my children. doTERRA became a vital support for us physically, emotionally and financially.

    When Jaime died, friends, family and even people I hardly knew surrounded us with love and support. I cannot possible re-pay everyone in kind, but I can in turn help those who find themselves in a similar situation as mine.


    doTERRA has truly been a gift, and I would be pleased to share this gift with you.


    It is a Gift to be able to Give.



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